Try These 4 Tips to Get More Reviews for Your Beauty Business

tips on getting more reviews for your beauty business google yelp

In 2021, the success of your beauty business lives online. Social media pages and review sites are one of the first things a potential client will see before stepping one foot in your salon, spa or space. Getting the best reviews, and lots of them, is key for growing your business and booking more appointments.

Pushing for more reviews from your existing clients might seem like tempting fate. What if they leave bad reviews? Well good news is, your clients are going to you for a reason, so chances are they’ll be willing to help you out! We’ve outlined a few marketing and customer service tips to help you get those five-star reviews to start rolling in.

4 Tips on Getting More Good Reviews

1. Set up a post-service follow-up email that has a link to your review site.

Timing is important when getting good reviews. If someone has a bad experience at a business they will probably go out of their way to leave a bad review and share their experience, but if someone has a good experience, they will leave the salon or spa and go one with their day. Plugging in an opportunity for your client to leave a review while their experience is fresh on the mind will increase the likelihood they leave a good review.

Look into your appointment booking software and see if there is an automated post-service email that you can activate. Set up the email with a personalized thank-you message and link to your Google or Yelp review page, kindly asking the client to leave a review if they enjoyed their time with you. This is an easy marketing tool you can use to passively get reviews, meaning once you set it up, you don’t have to do anything else – working smarter, not harder!