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Acne Facial 

Developed for problematic skin, this treatment aims to sooth and calm inflamed breakouts


Basic Facial

Our signature facial includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, European massage and customized mask


Aroma Therapy Custom Facial

This holistic facial renews not only skin, but mind an body, thanks to organic, cruelty-free products


Chemical Peel

Refine texture and reveal brighter and more youthful skin with this exfoliation treatment


Aroma Therapy Facial

Indulge you senses and reveal radiant skin with this holistic and organic facial


Deep Cleansing 

This detoxifying treatment focuses on extractions to rid skin of oil an impurtites



This deep cleaning treatment uses a gentle electrical current to push out oil and toxins



Gentle electric vibrations stimulate facial muscles for a subtle non-surgical lifting effect



Dehydrated skin is refreshed as moisture is restored using a gentle electrical current


Lymph Drainage

Puffiness and overall tone are drastically improve as suction is used to drain toxins from the face


LED Facial

This facial incorporates light devices to stimulate the production of collagen


MicroDerm with Crystals 

This non-invasive facial uses tiny crystals to help remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells


MicroDerm with Diamond

This non-invasive facial uses a diamond tipped wand to help remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells


Ultrasound Blade

This facial uses a vibrating device to scrape away dead skin, oil, and impurities


Relaxing Facial

A complete facial with stress relieving massage


Ultrasound Facial

Give parched skin the moisture it craves with this super hydrating treatment


Sothys Youth Facial

The ultimate anti-aging facial that focuses on firming and lifting mature skin


Back Facial

Our same signature facial but to deep cleanse, exfoliate and teat the skin of the back

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