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Soft Gel Extension

Soft Gel Extension

Soft Gel Extension also known as Gel-X, Gelly Nails, Soft Gel Nails, and Full Coverage Gel tips.

Crafted by industry professionals, this course teaches practical skills and insider tips for mastering Soft Gel application. You will receive a Soft Gel kit with essentials such as a UV flashlight, tip primer, nail lamp, gel tips and much more. The kit will not only be for class practice, but will also allow you to get right to work with sets for up to 50 of your own clients. This trending nail service is quicker to apply and more cost effective.


This is a one day course that starts with theory and instructor demonstration. After lunch students practice on models (models not provided). Upon completion you will receive certification validating your expertise. From mastering the basics to insider techniques, gear up to elevate you skills in flawless nail extension. 


“Apres and Gel-X are registered trademarks owned by Applied Lacquer Industries Inc.”

**Kit Included

Soft Gel Extension
Soft Gel Extension
Multiple Dates
Mar 02, 2024, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
7011 Harwin Dr., Houston, TX 77036, USA
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