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Nail Tech

Course Overview

During the Nail Tech course, students will learn basic manicure and pedicure procedures as well as rules, laws, preparation, equipment, implements and supplies used to provide nail services. Students will build their skill set by practicing advanced nail designs on mannequins and performing services for clients on the clinic floor.

The course covers procedures and techniques including: 

  • Art, design and trends for basic manicures and pedicures. 

  • Removal of stains and repair work. 

  • Sculptured nails and tips.

  • Fiberglass and silk wraps, builder gels and odorless acrylic products.

  • Application of polish and soft gel.

  • Moisturizing wax treatments and heat therapy.

  • Safety, sterilization and sanitation

During theory classes, students will cover the following subjects: 

  • Bacteriology, sanitation and safety – the definitions and importance of rules, laws, methods, safety measures, hazardous chemicals and ventilation odor in salons. 

  • Professional practices – manicuring as a profession, vocabulary, ethics, salon procedures, hygiene and grooming, professional attitudes, salesmanship and public relations. 

  • Anatomy of arms, hands, legs, feet – major bones, muscles, nerves, skin structure and their functions. A student will also learn about the appendages, conditions and lesions pertaining to the nails and/or hands. The nail structure, composition, growth and regeneration, irregularities and diseases. 

Course Details
  • Course Hours:
    • 600 Hours.
  • Total Cost:

    • $7,120 – includes tuition, books, supplies and registration fee​.

  • Attendance:

    • 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday-Friday. Approximately five months to complete.

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