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TDLR Courses


Start Your Career in Beauty and Wellness at the Institute of Cosmetology, Esthetics & Massage

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is the governing agency that oversees certain occupations, businesses, facilities and equipment within the state of Texas. TDLR regulates professions such as dietitians, athletic training and electricians.

While TDLR regulates us as a school, it is also the primary organization you will deal with when working in the industry. Our TDLR courses include:

Over the years, we have refined our TDLR courses to better meet the needs of the modern-day student. We prioritize developing original curriculum in addition to state-required education, so you are prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. 

Technology is at the forefront of every industry and ours is no exception. We continue to find new ways to stay more connected, provide quality education and prepare students for their future through the use of current technology. 

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As an ICE&M student, you can expect to learn a solid foundation of practical skills and theoretical knowledge about your desired field of study. More than that, we encourage students to cultivate their passion for the industry and pursue their interests. From testing new treatments or procedures to trying your hand at advanced techniques, our instructors are there to help you develop your unique skill. 

After completing the required hours of your course and graduating from ICE&M, you will take the TDLR start board practical and theory exam. Our instructors and student adviser guide you through the exam process and help you prepare for post-graduation job search. 

At ICE&M, we have always encouraged continued education. Through our TDLR courses, Advanced Classes, CIDESCO accreditation and ICE Tea Blog, you have all the opportunities to #neverstoplearning! 

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