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Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology  is a therapeutic intervention in which stimulation of zones and points of the face are utilized to alleviate health conditions in other parts of the body. It is a new generation reflex therapy. The treatment is unique in its combination of ancient alternative therapies: Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points, Vietnamese and Andean tribal body maps, with modern neuro-anatomy. The success and effectiveness of Facial Reflexology lies in its ability to identify the root cause of health imbalances and its ability to stimulate a healing process within the individual using the balancing properties of the above three disciplines.This is an amazing therapy that can be used on any 'body' or age and will improve your well-being, facial muscle tone and skin condition.

Class Schedule:

This advanced class takes place online which starts with theory, a video demonstration followed by participates submitting video's conducting the treatments on a model.​


Upcoming Dates

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Facial Reflexology Advanced Class
Facial Reflexology Advanced Class
Mar 22, 2023, 7:00 PM – Dec 31, 2024, 7:00 PM
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