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Stand Out From The Crowd with Premier Massage

The massage therapy career path is a unique path to take. It combines health, wellness, science, compassion and entrepreneurship. Massage therapists spend so much time working with their clients it's important for them to have a solid foundation when entering the field.

Even though a large part of being a massage therapist is understanding the body and muscles, practitioners also need to be savvy business professionals and have different skills under their belt to attract clients.

Most TDLR Massage Therapy courses cover the basics of massage therapy – Swedish massage, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology and basic pharmacology, health and hygiene, and business practices and professional ethics.

What if you’re looking for something more? In today’s competitive climate, learning advanced techniques before beginning your career is crucial.

The Institute of Cosmetology, Esthetics and Massage has created an answer to this need for a more advanced program with the Premier Massage course. This course combines the previous Fundamental Massage and Premier CIDESCO Massage courses, giving students the opportunity to earn the more advanced ICE&M diploma faster.

We’ve highlighted a few benefits of this new advanced massage course for anyone interested in beginning a career in massage therapy.

Advanced Techniques

As we mentioned above, most TDLR courses only cover the basic fundamentals of massage that the state requires to teach. As you progress through your career, you will learn that there is much more to the massage industry. From different modalities to trendy body treatments, there is so much to learn!

The Premier Massage course covers topics like body treatments, hot stone massage and lymphatic massage. These more technical treatments are offered at high-end spas, where the job market is more intensive. The course also covers massage techniques that use machine equipment like galvanic body treatments and electrical muscle stimulation.

CIDESCO Accreditation

One of the most unique aspects about the Premier Massage course is the opportunity students have to earn a CIDESCO Certificate or Diploma.

CIDESCO is an international association that sets educational standards for beauty and spa therapy programs. As the first CIDESCO school in the U.S., ICE&M takes pride in offering the advanced CIDESCO curriculum.

After taking the Premier Massage course, students can earn a CIDESCO Body Therapy Certificate or continue on the path to earning the Beauty Therapy Diploma. Earning these qualifications help you stand out to potential employers after graduation. Seeing CIDESCO on your resume lets them know that you choose a more advanced education and are serious about your future career.

Save Time and Money

You might be thinking, can’t I learn these advanced skills after I graduate from a regular TDLR course? And while you can take CEU (continuing education) classes over advanced techniques later on in your career, you’re going to be wasting your time and money in the long run.

The Premier Massage course covers all of the great topics we’ve mentioned, all within the standard 500 hours required by the state.

All in all, the massage therapy career is a rewarding choice that so many people fall in love with. Whether you’re looking to work in a spa, on your own, or open your own business, the Premier Massage course has all you need to set yourself up for success.

Learn more about the course here or see our schedule of upcoming courses here.


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