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National Esthetician Day: Estheticians Leading the Industry

One of ICE&M’s core values is continued education beyond school. For National Esthetician Day we are highlighting leading estheticians in the industry that continue to research, innovate and embody our mantra – #neverstoplearning

These women are known in today’s industry for the products they bring to market and the prestigious spas and salons they have developed over the years. We hope you find some inspiration in their stories and aspire to be as successful as these boss babes!

Renée Rouleau

With 30 years of experience researching skin, educating her audience and building an award-winning line of products, Reneé Rouleau has earned the status of a leading esthetician. She’s most known for her philosophy of 9 different skin types. Rouleau developed this approach early on in her career and has developed products and taught her clients and audience how important it is to have a regime that fits the needs of your skin type, which is often more than just “oily” or just “acne prone.”

"Skin care products back then – and still to this day for many companies – catered to the standard dry, normal and oily skin types. When you work hands-on with skin, you quickly learn that there are many different skin types. Each one is unique and requires a routine that caters to its specific needs." —Renée

Rouleau has also made a name for herself by becoming celebrities, beauty editors and bloggers go-to for skin care advice. She has been featured in top publications like Forbes, InStyle, Allure, WWD, The Zoe Report and The Cut, to name a few. Her real-world knowledge and constant research has set her up as a trusted and respected esthetician across the nation.

Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas is not only a leader in the skin care profession, she is also a leader in latinx-owned business space. She’s established a reputation with her signature products that her high-end celebrity clientele swear by.

Through her 20 years of experience, she’s become known for her holistic approach to skin care. Vargas spends her time split between New York and Los Angeles, performing treatments that marry science and relaxation. The result? A complexion that is brighter and clearer and a client that is refreshed and rejuvenated.

Her passion for teaching that anyone can achieve beautiful skin has also set her up as an admired pro in the business. She boasts that at the heart of everything she does, “is her dedication to health & well-being.”

Nayamka Roberts-Smith

Our next esthetician to highlight has earned recognition for her social media prowess and specialization in skin of color. She rose to fame with her viral #60secondrule for cleansing the face. Roberts-Smith has been featured in top publications like Allure, PopSugar, Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

Since beginning her career in skin care, Roberts-Smith has advocated for better representation of POC in the industry and more accurate information about skin of color. You can find her social media full of tips, tricks and myth busters that are often spread through social media. She also has earned a following by educating her audience on scientific skin care in a playful, understandable way that makes learning fun.

With so many estheticians out there crushing their dreams, it's easy to celebrate estis! For National Esthetician Day tomorrow, we hope you join us in celebrating your peers and lifting one another up.


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