What to Expect During The TDLR Esthetic State Board Exam

Whether you’re done with esthetics school or getting close to graduation, you probably have a lot of questions about the state board exam. After going through school, taking another test is also probably not something you’re looking forward to. But as the last step toward your new career, it's important to be prepared!

We’ve outlined important points about the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation esthetics state board exam and gathered resources for you to use as you get ready. We recommend reading through the Esthetic License Examination Candidate Information Bulletin several times to fully prepare for the state board exam.

Preparing and registering

As you get closer to graduation, you should start getting ready to take the state board exam. This means studying for each exam (written and practical), obtaining a state board practical exam kit, applying for your temporary license and getting your application and exam fees ready.

Once you are eligible to sit for the exams (i.e., once you complete your 750 course), you can apply for a temporary license to immediately begin work after passing both ex