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So You Need to Take the TDLR State Board Practical Esthetics Exam?

You may have heard that as of September 1, 2019, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations has changed the esthetics state board practical exam.

If you need to take the exam, there are several changes that you need to be prepared for. Changes include: 

  • Students no longer need a model for the exam and must use a mannequin head instead.

  • The eyebrow shape section has been removed

  • Two topics have been added – false eyelash application and blood spill exposure incident 

This means that anyone taught the old format of the practical exam is no longer prepared. Luckily, ICE&M is offering several solutions for anyone needing to take the exam!

State Board Prep Classes

Once a month, we are offering a State Board Prep Class where we do a full demonstration of the state board practical exam and talk the students through each step, allowing them to take notes and ask questions. The class ends with kit preparation, making sure everyone is ready to take the exam. The class is open to anyone needed to prepare for the practical exam, ICE&M graduate or not. The class is $50 and lasts one to two hours, depending on class size. The first class is Tuesday, December 10 and will be held every four weeks until further notice. You can book the class by calling the school. 

Mannequin Rental 

ICE&M is also renting out mannequins for a $60 refundable fee. The mannequins are used in the practical exam instead of a live model. Your mannequin also needs a set of false eyelashes, which is included in the price of the prep class. The fee will only be refunded if the mannequin is returned to the school in good condition within 60 days.

If you have any questions about the new state board practical exam or prep class, contact the school via phone or email. 


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