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Esthetic Trends: The Bold Brow Business

They’re sisters, not twins. Eyebrows are the windows to the face. Life isn’t perfect but your brows can be. There are so many sayings about eyebrows, it's no wonder so many estheticians go into the brow business. With new trends popping up all the time, there is plenty to keep a steady business of brow treatments.

If you’re interested in specializing in brows, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite treatments that you can perform in Texas with an esthetic license.


Eyebrow waxing is an age-old technique, where an esthetician uses a wooden spatula or stick to smear hot wax on the desired area. A paper strip is then applied to the area of skin with the wax and is smoothed and pressed onto the skin, then ripped away quickly. The hair is ripped from the root, providing a smooth result. Usually, a lotion is applied afterward to lessen pain and redness.

A good thing about offering eyebrow waxing is that you can also offer waxing services for all areas of the body.


Eyebrow tinting involves smoothing semi-permanent dye over your eyebrows to make them appear fuller and slightly darker than normal. For clients that have fair hair or their brows are a bit sparse, tinting gives them structure and body.


Eyebrow threading is also an ancient technique, originated from Asia. Most estheticians will sit down with the client for a conversation on what they want, considering the shape and coarseness of the hair. Then, they will sanitize and clean the desired areas. The client is told to keep their eyes shut and to actively taughten their skin during the process.

Eyebrows threading can get a little tricky. From this, the esthetician uses a sanitized thread, specifically with anti-bacterial wax, and twists that thread into a triangular loop that removes hair from the follicles. Afterward, trimming around the area will create the desired shape and look.

The benefits of threading include that it’s best for clients with sensitive skin, having less strain and pull on the face and no hot wax that could potentially irritate the area. No chemicals are applied either, and it’s ethically compatible with Retinol users, while waxing is not.

Brow Laminations

A newer trend to the brow scene, brow lamination reshapes brows using a gentle perm solution, neutralizing lotion and moisturizing treatment to temporarily relax and redirect your brow hairs upwards and into place. Because the hairs are relaxed, they appear longer, giving the effect of a larger brow shape.

Once the solutions have treated the brows, estheticians can wax, tweeze and trim the lifted and laminated brows to perfection by styling the new shape.


Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows. It requires the use of a small tool with needles that are used to manually draw thin hair-like strokes while also depositing pigment under your skin. After these “tattoos” heal, clients are left with realistic-looking brow hairs that don’t wash off.

In Texas, microblading falls under tattooing so an esthetic license isn’t needed. But by meeting the two requirements below, you can sculpt the perfect brows for your clients:

  • Pay a $1,000 fee to the Texas Health Department for the Tattoo Permit over the building/room you use to perform microblading

  • Be at least 18 years of age

Small but mighty, brows can be a big business if marketed right. If you’re interested in starting your own business but don’t want to take on more than you can handle, consider specializing in brows!

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