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Graduation to Esthetician: How to Choose an Esthetic School After High School

High school senior at computer

Its 2021, so you’re probably ready to graduate and say goodbye to high school, right? Most high school seniors aren’t sure what they want to do after graduation, but for the beauty and skin care gurus out there, the answer is obvious. Esthetic school!

Before you start waxing eyebrows and recommending that Vitamin C serum, you need to find a school, graduate and get your license. But it’s hard to figure out what school you should attend after high school, especially since you have to pay for it!

Below, we have outlined an easy way to find the perfect-fit school for you.

What is an esthetic school? Why do you need to know how to choose the right one?

An esthetic school teaches you how to work in a spa or salon as an esthetician. You learn how to treat skin conditions like acne, give a facial and use esthetic equipment. Besides learning all about skin, esthetic training also covers familiar topics like chemistry, biology and anatomy.

The key thing esthetician schools in Texas do is prepare you for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) state board exam. Before you can master the skin care industry, you need to get a TDLR license!

These steps will help you pick a school that fits your skin care [career] goals.

How to Choose an Esthetic School to Attend After High School

Create a list

First thing you need to do is create a list with all the schools in your area. Write them out in a notebook or create a note in your phone, whichever is going to be easiest for you to keep up with. You can do a quick google search to find all of the schools near you. Be sure to write (or type) down all of the contact info for the school like website, phone number, address and Instagram handle.

Do Some Internet Stalking, Make a Pro/Con List

Look through each school’s website and social media pages to see what you like and don’t like. Add these things to your list! An example of a pro/con list would be:


• The school is 15 minutes from my house.

• The school has a program to help me get a job after I get my license.

• They offer extra classes that will help me make more money once I get a job. – learn more about our advanced class program here!


• They only have two start dates to choose from.

• There isn’t a lot of hands-on training, too much textbook learning.

Visit Your Top Schools

After you have created your pro/con list for each school, cross off the schools you for sure don’t want to attend. Reach out to your top schools to see if they offer campus tours. Once you’re at the school, you can see if you’ll fit in with the other students and teachers. It’s important to feel comfortable in your new school!

You can schedule a campus tour with us by calling (713) 783-9988 or contacting us here!

High school senior visiting trade school
Schedule a campus tour at your favorite schools

Ask a Ton of Questions

Campus tours are the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you might have. While you’re visiting the school, you might think of a question that you didn’t realize before. Bring your list with you so you can keep track of what you liked about each campus tour. Pro tip: ask a student why they choose that school, they’ll tell you what you need to know!

Make Your Final Decision

After you have done all of your internet research, insta stalking and campus tours, it’s time to make a decision! Choose the school that you feel most comfortable with and that offers you the most support. After all, you’re choosing your future career!

4 Tips for Choosing an Esthetic School

  1. Pay attention to equipment – Are students learning hands-on with current equipment?

  2. Ask about supplies – Make sure you know what supplies you’ll be given and what you need to buy on your own.

  3. Think about technology – Does the school use current technology like computers and booking software? Knowing how to use a computer is a necessary skill these days. Learning with computers will set you up for success.

  4. Ask if they teach more than what is required by the state – Do they teach advanced techniques? Do they keep up to date with current trends in the skin care industry?

Graduating from high school is exciting and a reason to celebrate. Deciding where to go to school afterward shouldn’t bring you down. Whether you’re going to school for esthetics, cosmetology, eyelash extensions or massage therapy, you can use this guide to help you find your dream school.

Learn more about the courses the Institute of Cosmetology, Esthetics & Massage offers at the links below and see if we’re a good fit for you!


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