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5 Tips to Grow Your Confidence on Social Media

Beauty professional working on social media plan

How many times have you gone to your Instagram app to post something and end up rewriting your caption five times, changing pictures or filters, then finally give up? Don’t worry, everyone has been there!

As a student or newbie in the beauty service industry, its common to not know what you should post on social media. The best way to overcome this is to build social media confidence.

The Key to Social Media Confidence and Why You Need it

You might think Instagram is all about gaining following and getting hundreds of likes on your posts, but it’s not. When you use social media as a tool to build your business, and not a way to chase clout, you start to take away the stress and lack of confidence that usually comes with social media.

When your page is built with confidence, it will shine through and resonate with your target audience. Overcoming social media scaries will help you develop stronger connections with clients and attract new ones.

These five tips can help you use your social pages to confidently connect with potential clients and book more appointment.

5 Ways to Grow Your Confidence on Social Media

Set the Tone

Beauty professional Instagram page using brand tone

An easy way to confidently create a social media post is to use your brand tone to inspire you. Is your brand sophisticated? Organic? Luxe? Quirky? Choose three words that describe your brand and how you want your potential clients to see you on social media.

When it comes time to post something, you can use these three words to guide you. For example, if your brand tone words are warm, rustic and modern, you might post something like this post from @masisonleighco, an eyelash extension salon in California. If you take a look at the profile, you can see all of their posts have a warm filtered look, and the branding and images all have a rustic-modern vibe.

Use Themes

If you are struggling to post consistently, an easy fix is to use themes that repeat every week. Try using hashtags like #tansformationtuesday or #facialfriday to fill out your social media pages. These types of posts are also a great way to showcase the type of work you do. Be careful though, too many themes may annoy potential clients and turn them away from booking with you. Pro tip: pick one theme to start with, then after a few months switch themes! After a while you’ll start to see which theme performs better and what type of content your followers like to see.

Plan It Out

Dedicate a few days at the end of each month to create the captions, graphics and images you will post the following month. Using a social media content calendar will help you feel less pressure to post to daily.

Use an app like Evernote to create your social media calendar so when it comes time to upload to your page, all you have to do is copy and paste your caption. You can take it a step further and use a social media scheduling software to post for you like Hootsuite. Using tools like this will help you feel more prepared and on top of your social media game.

Look Upward, not Sideways

One of the easiest ways to lose confidence in social media is the comparison game! Don’t pay too close attention to what others are doing around you. What works for one esthetician or hair stylist might not work for another. You do you, girl.

Look to your favorite successful brands for inspiration. Major brands like @lorealparis and @sephora have top social media marketers controlling their accounts. Getting inspo from the pros is a surefire way to create good content.

Stick to It!

If you’re ever feeling down about your social media accounts, go back to your original plan. Look at your three brand tone words and remember where you started. With new social trends popping up daily, it can be easy to lose your way. Circle back to the beginning and start again! There is no shame is starting over if you feel stuck. Your audience will be attracted to the transparency and originality of you doing you.

Student working on social media plan at computer

Building social media confidence is not just changing your mindset. It’s using your social media ages like a businesswoman to attract new clients and book more appointments.

Using tips and tools like the ones mentioned above will help you feel confident in your social media strategy. Cause after all, at the end of the day, this is about your business. Try using a few of these tips next time you post to Instagram and let us know if noticed a difference!


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