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Become an Eyelash Expert with Our New Lash Lift Advanced Class

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

You could say 2019 has been the year of the eyelash. Increasing in popularity over the last few years, eyelash treatments are now common practice at salons and spas. Whether it’s with lash tints, lash lifts or eyelash extensions, expanding your skill set as an esthetician or cosmetologist is a no brainer.

Starting January 11, 2020, the Institute of Cosmetology, Esthetics & Massage will offer a Lash Lift Advanced Class! 

This day-long class covers the theory behind lash lifts and allows you to get hands-on experience performing the treatment. 

Not sure what a lash lift really is? A lash lifts uses a chemical solution to lift and set the shape of your natural eyelashes, resulting in a beautiful upward-curled look. Lash lifts last six to eight weeks and are very low maintenance compared to eyelash extensions. 

The Lash Lift Advanced Class is $275 with a $120 non-refundable deposit, no kit included. Classes are held on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with lunch is included. Our schedule of 2020 advanced class can be found here.

Learn how to perform lash lifts for your clients and reserve your spot in our first Lash Lift Advanced Class! Call us at (713) 783-9988 or email to book.


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