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Earn Your Medical Esthetics Certification: Hands on Training for the Most In-Demand Treatments

Medical esthetics is a term you hear a lot in the esthetics and spa industry. But what does it actually mean?

Career website, The Balance Careers, defines a medical esthetician as someone that “specializes in skin care, particularly facial skin care. They are often closely associated with the field of dermatology. Aestheticians provide a variety of services, procedures, products, and consultations to help improve and maintain the appearance and health of the client's or patient's skin.”

What makes a medical esthetician different from a traditional esthetician is the practice of more advanced treatments that penetrate the skin deeper than basic facial treatments. For example, estheticians perform treatments like acne facials, pore extractions and waxing. Medical estheticians may perform procedures like dermaplaning, microneedling and laser treatments.

As an esthetician student it's important to know the different paths you can take in your career. And as an esthetics education program, ICE&M offers you the tools to pursue the medical esthetics career path with CIDESCO curriculum and the Medical Esthetics Certificate.

The Medical Esthetics Certificate is a three part training program that prepares students and licensed professionals to confidently and effectively perform advanced esthetics treatments. The certificate covers dermaplaning, microneedling and chemical peels. Students will earn their certificate of completion after completing each day-long class.

ICE&M’s experienced teaches cover subject theory and practical application of each treatment. Students leave class with a thorough understanding of how each treatment works on a scientific level and also how they can use it to get noticeable results for their clients.

With the Medical Esthetics Certificate, students can learn about the industry’s most in-demand treatments in a hands-on, encouraging atmosphere. Small class sizes allow our instructors to work closely with students, explaining techniques and tips and tricks to performing the treatment effectively.

You can find more information on the Medical Esthetics Certificate here, or call us at (713) 783-9988 to reserve your spot in one of the upcoming sections.


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