A Fool-proof Guide to Social Media Content Planning

Believe it or not, there’s more to social media than posting the perfect shelfie highlighting your favorite skin care products or a fun eyelash care tip. A strong business will use social media to highlight services, introduce new promotions and engage with potential clients.

The best way to balance fun, aesthetically pleasing social posts with strategic, revenue-driving content is to plan social media content in advance. Creating social media content calendars on a monthly or bi-monthly basis will help you develop a consistent social media posting cadence full of beautiful posts that also drive sales.

The key to using a social media content calendar is developing content topics – 3-4 broad topics that you’ll create several posts about each month. Your content topics will depend on what type of beauty professional you are, if you have your own business or are working in a salon or spa, either way, you can think about your content topics as what you want to offer potential clients.

For example, if you’re a solo nail artists, you might want to show your clients trendy nail designs that you can recreate for them so one of your content topics would be nail inspo. If you like to offer promotions or packages to your clients, one of your content topics could be promotions.

Below we’ve outlines several content topics that beauty professionals can use in their social media content calendars.